Federal And State Felonies Require Diligent Legal Preparation

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The Difference Between A State And Federal Felony

Any crime that is charged as a felony is serious and can result in either jail or prison time as well as hefty fines and often a permanent criminal record.

However, there is a difference between these two charges. Federal crimes are described by the United States Code. These are laws that are passed by Congress. They are the same throughout the country. Some examples of federal felonies are immigration violations, homicides that happens on federal land, computer crimes, including some types of fraud and distribution of child pornography, and drug trafficking.

Each state has its own set of laws. What is a felony in one state is not necessarily a felony in another. For example, it is a felony in Florida to possess a fake ID, but it is a misdemeanor in Texas to do so.

There are five levels of felonies in Texas. Here are the levels and an example of each:

  1. A capitol felony is murder.
  2. A felony in the first degree includes attempted murder and aggravated crimes including kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault.
  3. A felony in the second degree can involve manslaughter and some aggravated assault charges. This may involve a DWI with fatal injuries.
  4. A felony in the third degree can be charges such as fraud, theft assault, burglary or drug possession.
  5. A state jail felony is criminally negligent homicide, possession and some theft charges.

Because any felony can result in jail or prison time, it is critical to retain highly skilled defense counsel. As a team with an established and recognized criminal defense practice, and with 45 years of combined legal experience, we are ready to take on these charges.

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