Understanding The Texas Expungement Process

The process of expungement is a legal avenue designed to give individuals who have been arrested and charged with crimes a chance to leave that history behind them and start over. In Texas, expunging your criminal record is a statutory right, meaning that it’s granted by laws passed by the legislature, not the Constitution.

You may be eligible for an expungement if you were found not guilty, received a pardon, or were charged but not convicted. This includes cases in which charges were dismissed or the statute of limitations ran out. Some charges, like those involving violence or offenses against children, can’t be expunged. If your petition for expunction is successful, law enforcement agencies and other reporting entities will be required to erase your arrest from their records.

At A. González Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we are attorneys who understand the weight that a criminal record can carry. At our family-operated firm, we bring 45 combined years of legal experience, and we offer bilingual support in English and Spanish. We don’t make empty promises; we will be honest, ethical and realistic about what we will be able to achieve for you.

How We Can Help You Clear Your Criminal Record

We are lawyers who will dive deep into your case to determine whether you can pursue expungement (also known in Texas as expunction). If you’re eligible to do so, we will be with you at every turn, from preparing your petition for expungement to filing it with precision. Expungement can be a life-changing process, and we will ensure that every detail is addressed properly.

If expungement isn’t an option for you, we will skillfully navigate alternative paths with you, such as obtaining an order of nondisclosure. This legal strategy can shield your record from the public, offering a new layer of privacy and peace of mind. We are ready to explore every possibility to help you move forward.

Let’s Work Together To Create A Brighter Future For You

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