3 of the most common causes of Texas car crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2023 | Injury Law

Car crashes can be a life-altering experience. Hundreds of thousands of people every year get hurt in crashes and most of these injury victims end up struggling with the financial consequences of the situation in one way or another. Thousands of families are also compelled to adjust to life without a loved one after fatal wrecks that occur each year in Texas and across the U.S.

Some collisions occur for unpredictable reasons, like a defective component that someone didn’t even know was used in the production of their vehicle. Other collisions stem from common, well-known safety risks. Although people can’t protect themselves against every possible risk on the roads, they can at least address the most common issues that lead to crashes.

1. Excessive speed

Speeding is consistently a safety issue in any place where people drive on public roads, but Texas statistically has the most speed-related traffic violations reported annually. Those going over the speed limit might lose control of their vehicles and cause severe collisions where people get hurt or even die.

2. Chemical impairment

Drunk driving and drugged driving are issues that affect everybody’s safety on Texas roads. Drivers get behind the wheel when they have had too much to drink, and they also tried to drive after using illegal drugs or taking prescription medication. Those experiencing an altered state of consciousness are at elevated risk of making mistakes or even falling asleep at the wheel and then causing a crash.

3. Distracted driving

Quite a few people use mobile phones while at the wheel, whether they dial their local pizza place to order takeout for dinner or respond to a text message from their supervisor. Digital distraction is a major safety concern, and there are many other forms of distraction that affect people’s overall safety on the roads. Eating, drinking, grooming oneself or just daydreaming while driving are all forms of distraction that might lead to a preventable collision.

Given that the causes of crashes typically have to do with human error, it is often quite obvious who is to blame when a crash occurs. Filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of an experienced legal professional may be necessary for those who have been negatively affected by a recent car crash caused by the negligence, recklessness or intentionally dangerous conduct of another.