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Ending a marriage is never an easy decision. When the relationship begins to dissolve, there are emotional and psychological stresses involved. During this time you need legal guidance to help you understand your rights as well as make the decisions that contribute to ensuring your financial security. There are plenty of complexities during the legal process concerning how the assets and property will be divided. On top of this, you will need to determine child custody and visitation arrangements. All the while, you must also act in the best interests of any minor children you have. This is where A Gonzalez Law Firm PLLC comes in. We will help clients in the Corpus Christi area choose the best course of action for themselves in their family during a divorce.

Our Firm's Family Law Services

A Gonzalez Law Firm PLLC handles a wide variety of domestic court and associated cases. Our legal team will act as a family law attorney, guiding you in the process of filing for divorce or any other options appropriate to your specific situation. In addition to divorce, our practice focuses on legal issues related to child custody, child support, adoption, and protective orders. Over time, your family's needs change after the original divorce is granted. A Gonzalez Law Firm PLLC also handles cases regarding modifications to orders for visitation, alimony, support, and custody.
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A Gonzalez Law Firm PLLC will advise clients of their rights under state law for family and domestic issues. For the compassionate legal representation in South Texas during a divorce, give A Gonzalez Law Firm PLLC a call at (361) 882-6600. We do speak Spanish.