Do DWI arrests increase during the summer?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Criminal Defense

You can certainly be arrested on DWI charges at any time of the year. The ramifications can be very severe in Texas. It’s important to remember that impairment can result from alcohol, but it can also come from other substances, even legal prescription medications.

Generally speaking, however, most DWI arrests concern alcohol. Are these arrests more likely during the summer months?

There is an annual increase

Yes, DWI arrests tend to occur more often during the summer. This is because criminal activity in general tends to be a bit more common during the summer months. If there are more impaired drivers on the road, you’re going to see that reflected in arrest statistics.

Why does this happen?

You may find yourself wondering why the summer months experience more arrests. Common contributing factors include:

  1. College students and highschoolers have a break from school, which can lead to increases in underage drinking and driving.
  2. Many people take vacations during the summer, and drinking is often a big part of these holiday experiences. Tourism will often lead to increases in DWI arrests.
  3. Police departments will often specifically crack down on impaired driving right around summer holidays, including the Fourth of July or Memorial Day.
  4. Summer is when many alcohol-related events occur, such as music festivals. If these events lead to an increase in drinking, impaired driving arrests are going to follow.

Overall, people simply tend to be more active during the summer. They may be more likely to stay home and drink during the shorter days and the colder months of the winter, but summer gives people a chance to get out and socialize.

Unfortunately, this socialization also leads to a corresponding increase in DWI arrests. Those who are facing charges need to make sure that they know exactly what legal defense options they have. A DWI can impact your finances, your ability to drive, your employment opportunities and more, so seeking legal guidance right away is important in the wake of an arrest.