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Trusted Estate Planning Lawyer in Corpus Christi

estate planning

Naturally, you want to make sure there is adequate financial support in place for your family after you’ve passed away or in case you are incapacitated. Additionally, Texas law is full of many complexities when it comes to estates, trusts, wills and other legal vehicles for the transfer of assets. That is why estate planning is essential to securing your loved ones’ future. A. Gonzalez Law Firm, P.L.L.C. serves as an attorney in Corpus Christi, advising clients of their legal rights and options. Our focus areas include legal allowances for the proper distribution of property, the execution of final wishes regarding guardianships of protected persons and remedies to minimize estate tax liabilities. Additionally, we handle cases involving estate litigation, trust litigation, contested guardianships, contested wills and other related issues.

Wills & Trusts

Part of ensuring the proper handling of your estate includes an understanding of wills and trusts. A will is a written document giving advanced directives of how a person’s property is to be distributed after he or she passes away. Moreover, it can include other instructions, such as nominating an individual to serve as a protected person’s guardian or describing how assets should be probated. On the other hand, trusts permit a third party to manage property on behalf of another individual, either during his or her lifetime or after death. Some of their benefits include the limitation of your tax liabilities, additional privacy afforded to the execution of your final wishes, minimizing the lengthy time and expenses associated with the probate process, providing extended fiduciary support for disabled relatives and more.

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In addition to acting as an estate planning lawyer, A. Gonzalez Law Firm, P.L.L.C. also acts as a personal injury lawyer for clients in Corpus Christi and the rest of South Texas. For legal representation and services, call our offices at 361-882-6600. Se habla Español.